Persimmons – Sooo Paleo

This post was originally published on March 15, 2011

The Persimmon is perhaps one of the most flavorful fruits I know. Its a great Paleo Snack and perfect after dinner Paleo Dessert.

The Persimmon, or Sharon Fruit, has a few varieties, the two of which I have seen at the store are Hachiya and Fuju.

The Hachiya is whats called an astringent variety, meaning it has a higher content of tannins prior to ripening and typically cannot be eaten until ripe, or put through a drying process.

Fuju on the other hand are known as non astringent, which means there is a lower tannin level prior to ripening, but I still suggest you wait till they are ripe.

Some people peal the skins, but I find this unnecessary, there really isn’t much to compare the taste and texture of persimmon to. I suppose texture wise its somewhat like a mango, but mouth feel wise it is unique. And whatever is going on with the sugar make up is so unique you just have to try it.

Get the fruit, let it ripen till its soft, then cut it up and put a bit of cinnamon on it. Or you can let it go crazy ripe and eat it with a spoon. They are also available dried in Asian super markets.  It seems to be primarily available in the fall / winter in the Eastern U.S.

Sometimes there is black up near the leaves on the fruit, this is not mold and may be eaten. Mold would be fuzzy or have eaten into the fruit and the black I am referring to is clearly part of the fruit skin.

I have never tried freezing a Persimmon, simply because I can’t wait to eat them, but I bet frozen they would be great as well.

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