Bacon and Eggs Breakfast Salad

Eggs1-837x1024This post originally appeared on October 31, 2012:

Happy Halloween! This morning my office is still without power so I am at home trying not to go stir crazy and hoping to get the go ahead to come in. After a few days of hurricane madness and subsisting on our supply of three rotisserie style hurricane chickens and 7 lbs of steamed broccoli (I really thought we would lose power), I decided we needed something different, as in not chicken.  We are very lucky that the power didn’t go out during Sandy and that the local co-op was only closed for one day during the epic storm thus ensuring we were able to stock up on some uncured bacon and farm fresh eggs.  I could live on bacon and eggs with hot sauce, but I’m sure that would get boring pretty quick.  Anyhow, after taking inventory of what was in the fridge this morning, I decided that a breakfast salad of sorts would be tasty.  Here’s how to recreate the super simple, post hurricane,  bacon and eggs breakfast salad:

– 4-5 Eggs (Farm fresh, organic, cage free, Omega 3 enhanced, etc)
– 4-5 strips uncured bacon (D’Artagnan uncured bacon, hands down the best ever)
– 1 bag of romaine salad mix
– Hot Sauce (I used Melinda’s Original Habanero XXXXtra Reserve Hot
Pepper Sauce)
– Olive oil or Flax Oil
– Turmeric

Grab a frying pan and turn your stove on to medium heat. Place the bacon strips in the pan and cook until crispy. Turn off the stove, pour most of the bacon grease into a bowl but make sure you have enough to cook the eggs with left over in the pan (trust me it tastes way better this way). Crack your eggs into a dish and whisk them together. Add in some turmeric, its anti-inflammatory and adds a nice flavor to the eggs. Turn your stove back on and pour the eggs into the pan with bacon grease. Scramble the eggs with a spatula and remove from the stove. Grab two salad bowls or nice white plates and place a cup or so of the romaine lettuce into each one. Cut your bacon strips into small pieces and sprinkle onto the romaine. Divide the scrambled eggs between the two bowls/plates, drizzle on the olive or flax oil and top with some hot sauce. Super simple, super delicious, and thank god it wasn’t chicken :)




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